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The Secret is out

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blackapple i.m amaze as to how accurate you are when prdicting pairs depending on the line up of the solar system,eg. when the moon lines up with neptune or some other planet.can you recommend an astrology textbook and author so i can expand my knoweledge and be able to have an idea as to what pairs will hit and how each planet has a number amazing thank you in advance

Well here it is

Moon ,Sun contacts etc

When you get a grip

post it

HeavenKnowsWhat: Personal Astrology Report

by: Llewellyn 
Heaven Knows What: Personal Astrology ReportComputerized Astrology Reading

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Thanks Blackapple!

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This is the latest copyright

The older the copyright

the better.Pinwheel charts

in the back pages are what you

look for.

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