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Louisiana Players

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I really like hearing from all players from all states but it would do me proud to hear from some in Louisiana,I would really welcome the opportunity to communicate and receive some feedback sometimes. 


639     7615  8375  8715  Thumbs Up


I like the 63 pair - I played 636 - 536 and 638 for tonight. 

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Hi domino and noodle, Im from Louisiana too and i sure would like to figure out a good way to pick for our state because it sure is hard sometimes. Maybe we all can work together some how and rake in some moolah! I'll tell ya what, blackapple sure does pick some good ones and tntea has a good v-track method and also tenja has one to. I was kinda doing okay with my date method but its been slacking lately. Yall let me know what kinda method that you use.  THANKS and Good LuckTurkey

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well maybe we can get something going next week, the weekly challenge will be Louisiana starting mon. 11/14.

I also like the 008-080-800 for today.

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Sounds good to me Maddog!!!White Bounce

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North La here



532 843   435   325   Good luck

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Thanks, It was good to receive your responses. I hope we will all keep in touch and do some brainstorming with these numbers and WIN lots of  moneyHyper Good luck tonight

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