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Tn having 2 draws

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Is Tn going to 2 draws on the 20th of Nov???

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I have heard of the local retailers said they are going to two draws shortly..I don't know if it is this month or next.


It will take time for all the players to adjust.......we had to do that in GA.....

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If that does happen-you have to decide which state if not both you want to play(Ky/Tn). It can and will get costly if you play on a consistent basis.

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Actually it should bust down some of the crape weve been getting.

Also hi to all..:)

Had to come in and check in... Miss you all. Just need a much needed break..

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I'll have to stop posting when they go to midday as my method (especially for cash4) does not work in any state with mid and eve draws. so i guess i'll just have to read and watch.

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mglsr continue to post--its up to the person to decide how they want to play. i myself can't seem to win for loosing but that doesn't stop me from reading and posting.

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