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Mega Millions Out Shining Powerball


According to the facts: Jackpots this year for Powerball & Mega Millions

Mega Millions                          Powerball

$130m in Jan.                         

$112m in Mar.

$205m inApr.

                                                $215m in May

$106m in June

$170m in July

$250m in Sept.

                                                $340m in Oct.

$225m in Nov (and counting)

Its obvious, its a slam dunk, Mega Millions is by far the more lucrative game going.  Any objections


Powerball had the streak of winners at the beginning of the year.  Give the game a chance with the new matrix that just started at the end of August.


delS is correct, the new matrix has nothing to do with the history. MM also started a new matrix this year. Money won is money won. Changing the rules will only impact the future - maybe.

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I agree, Mega Millions has clearly emerged as the leader in multi-state games.  If you look at the history of the game, you will see that the one reason for its predominance is the fact that they were able to attract and bring on board the best lottery states. 

The key state additions were New York, then Texas, then California.  NY and TX were vital to the game's growth, and then once they got California, that put them over the top.

Despite Mega Million being the best of the multi-state games, Powerball still has the best-run game, in my opinion.  The fact that MUSL is in a position to centrally administer the game is crucial.  Coordinating 29 different jurisdictions (soon to be 30 when OK joins) is no easy task, and I don't think the Mega Millions organization, the way it is currently structured, could handle it.  It's amazing to me that Powerball  continues to be run with so few glitches, and it's a testament to MUSL's well-run organization.


Chewie & Todd-

Thanks for your responses.

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Is there a maximum amount on the PowerBall or the MegaMillions?


I've seen numerous accounting alluding to a $500M, but have been too lazy to confirm. I would imagine it would be on the MM/PB rules web page.


  There is no limit; the MUSL once hinted that they could have a $700 million jackpot (but won't because they slow the growth of record jackpots).

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I agree with delS in that MM outweighs PB in some respect
such as the sheer amount of paid jackpots since the
beginning of this year and as discussed elsewhere its higher cash value ratio.

But, as Jack said, I see that MM and PB are nearly even when
the two are compared in terms of jackpots, hit or rolled,
SINCE the end of August when PB changed its matrix.

                                      MM          PB
1. Beginning(09/01)  (-)111      (-)32
2. Sep (hit)                    250
3. Oct (hit)                                  340
4. Nov (hit)                                  36
5. Current                      225        20
--------------------           -----        -----
  Net total                   364M      364M


One thing I want to add, as also previously discussed, is that PB's PP option makes it
very attractive at least to in-state regular PB players. As I see it, when jackpot is excluded, the expected value per dollar when buying one $2 PB ticket with PP is exceeded by almost none, comparble to that of UK Lotto 6/49 for its UK domestic price (1 GB Pound). Actually, UK Lotto 6/49 pays 10 pounds(~$18) for hitting just 3 out of 6.

That happens primarily because, as one might already know, PB with PP option pays, on average, 3.5 times the regular prize amounts except jackpot while the price only doubles.

Personally and all things considered, I would be indifferent between MM and PB AS LONG AS those two have similar amounts of annuity jackpots at a given point in time.



Powerball just had a $340 million jackpot!  Plus, second place prizes of $200,000 to $1,000,000 with better odds than MM.  I have to agree with anonymous77...the games are equal.


  There is no limit; the MUSL once hinted that they could have a $700 million jackpot (but won't because they slow the growth of record jackpots).

The knowledge base for that statement is?


  Once I wrote MUSL an e-mail suggesting they get rid of the match 5 bonus pool, and they said they have it there because some players play only for a "record," and if they hit a record of $700 million (which suggests there is no limit on how high the jackpot can go), they'd miss chances to have records at $400 million, $500 million, etc.


Could be. I have mixed emotions. I would like to live long enough to see a Billion Dollar Jackpot, but only after I won one much lower; $225M would do nicely.


i live in Mass, very close to the connecticut border, i play a pool at work for about 6 months now, and getting 3 numbers for the lousy 7 bucks seems to be the norm. we have done pools where we play 150 quik piks, or at least a hundred and for the most part we get nothing. we went and played powerball for 2 draws in a row we were 1 number away from 200,000 and the next draw 1 number away from 10,000. i know the powerplay costs a extra buck, but that has given us some good play money for a few draws at least. LUCK of course is everything, it just seems that no matter how many quik piks we get for mega m. we just don't seem to win. i would play powerball 2 times a week, but it's just a little too far for me to do that twice a week.


I agree with anonymous77 too. I think the games are equal right now because CA has MM only. I'm glad that PB has OK joining in 2006. I hope there are North American jackpot records soon.

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