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Stupid question??

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Hi everyone!  I am fairly new to all this, but loving every minute of it.  I have what is probably a stupid question to ask... for states that have 2 draws daily (ex. SC) is it better to work your number from Midday draw to Midday or from Midday to Evening and vice-versa?  I hope that makes sense to someone!  I've been following as many posts as I can, and learning little by little.  I still have a LOT to learn - most of you are pro's at all this!  I almost always seem to get my number with 1 digit on both pick 3 and pick 4 Confused!  Thanks for any response!  Best of luck to each and every one of you!!!


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I was going to post a very similar question in the Math forum. I'm wondering what the "pure statisican's" view is about using results together or separate for those states with two daily draws. The system I've been developing for myself lets me look at the results of the day & eve draws together and separately along with some meaningful statistics.


Also, going beyond the state border though, I'd like to hear thoughts about combining the results from multiple states, as I know a few of you track and play in multiple states and "travelling numbers". My gut reaction to the travelling numbers concept is that there is a likely some probability phenomena going on similar to classic "Birthday Problem."

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I like to think of all 54 Pick 3 draws as one BIG lottery drawing. 

I track my numbers this way & am having much success with this method. 

I separate this big jumbled mess into 3 categories--midday/evening & combined results.

Depending upon my mood, I may decide that I want only consectutive digits that day or only the longest combinations out or maybe even the most freq combinations (what others call travelling numbers)

This has been working well for me & I have been doing it faithfully since August of this year. 

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Thanks for the reply jonathan and lottaloot!!!

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Hi there.

I only play Texas, so here is my opinion on the Texas drawings.  The state considers it 1 game, not two separately.  The state uses the same balls and the same machines for the drawings.  Also, when receiving a results print-out from the retailer it has the drawings numbered consecutively...not day and night separately.  Example:  todays drawings are Noon #4867 and tonight #4868.  That would appear they consider them 1 game. Tomorrow will be #4869 and #4870.  See note below **

Therefore, your best bet is to check out the state you want to play and see how they handle the game(s).  Could be that some do it the same way Texas does, and others may not. I don't know, because I only play Texas.

This has been discussed in the past and lots of people here like to keep them separate.  I guess it boils down to:  anywhichaway, as long as you can get a hit.

Best of luck to you.

**Pick 3 started 10-25-1993.  Had only 1 draw per day, until mid day started on 4-29-2002.  On 4-27-2002 the night draw was #2664.  If they were kept separately, then the drawing today would show the night draw 2664 ahead of the noon draw, but it doesn't.

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Thanks Molly - makes sense to me!!!  Like you said.... it boils down to:  anywhichaway, as long as you can get a hit!!!!!

Best of luck to you all!


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