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Triples for November 2005 in NY

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Dear Fellow Members:

I would like to thank Sandy K and Blackapple for their recent email. Sandy K inquired in regards to triples for the State of NY. So here are my ideas.

Look for 111, 333 and 444 for the month of November in NY.


Historically speaking, last October/2004 NO TRIPLES hit. However, we had 16 Doubles(if my math is correct) that hit, which were-: 131(10/01),  400(10/2),  880(10/4-Mid) 090(10/6-Eve),  040(10/9-Mid),


050(10/9-Eve),  030(10/10-Mid), 533(10/17-Mid),  110(10/17-Eve),  744(10/18-Mid),  399(10/19-Eve),


424(10/20-Eve),  006(10/22-Eve),    414(10/24-Mid),  755(10/25-Eve)   and  774(10/27-Mid).


I hope this helps.


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