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Suggestion for LP vtrac info

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I have learned a lot here at LP and have tried to offer as much.

I am doing very well being a "vtrac" watcher.. however it does take time to record each vtrac and up date records with my schedule.

It would be "WONDERFUL" to have the vtracs listed by the results on the result page..

This of course would be only needed when checking individual states.

The new "daily results" page is awesome.  One can view all the results for pick 3 and pick 4 on the same page in a very neat format.

It would be great to be able to click a page from there and view the states previous drawings with the vtrac numbers out beside the actual draws. It would eliminate a lot of paperwork and leave more time for researching missing vtracs and predicting numbers for the forum.


Todd, hopefully you are reading this and can see how this would benefit the forum. I wouldn't  mind if this was for upgraded memberships.. It would be most definitely worth the cost each month..

Now for opinions... Would anyone else use this feature?


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I Agree! 

Sounds good to me tntea if I only knew how to use them. LOL

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