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For itscarie and Barbara Ann68

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Pumpkinitscarie this for you

you told me that cash number for your state was:


12=same as above



44=8-17-26-35---Take these and make your hot list and stick to it,goodluck.

Barbara Ann68 you said your states' cash five was:





28=10-19-37---Take this set and make your hot list and stick to it hope this info is helpful,goodluck to both of youWhite Bounce

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Thanks Delores,


I figgered out what you were doing adding the digits together... and made up a chart.  Missouri has raised the show-me 5 to 44 numbers, and its getting really hard.  I see you just used "11" and 29 for number 38, my question is on 39 do you just use "12"?


Happy Holloween!


Hi Delores247  Thankyou so much  Barbaraann68

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PumpkinHi, thanks for informing me of the way the game is played,39=12-21-03-30--also you can subtract the last 5 numbers that hit from 44 using this as your key number-another way will be to write the last five sets of cash five and make a list of what is missing and how many they played once and how many they played more,you will find this one interesting,just take one step at a time remember this is a game of chance but the odds are sometimes in your favor ,goodluckWhite Bounce 

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How often does your method work?

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LepHi Cahaba,it works a lot if you put the correct combo of numbers together,but it will get a few numbers correct a couple of times in a week at least i get my money back only to start this venture again,but it is always a new trick the lottery uses to make the odds against you but i am changing that by studying and observing the states lotteries and i am yet to com e up with something better,goodluck to youType

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Hi Delores-

I am working on something that I consider groundbreaking as far as lotteries are concerned. I will be keeping everyone who shares information with me abreast of it.

Talk soon

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Sun SmileyThank you,goodluck to you.See Ya!

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