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My name is Ed (Ekrete) and I am looking forward to playing the lottery in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts seriously.  I've played in the past, but never given any thought to the numbers I pick - usually birthdates, fortune cookies, etc..  I look forward to reading the various blogs and posts, but theres so much I don't know where to start.  I'd like to focus on the pick 3 in RI and thepick 4 in Mass, with an occasional powerball or Mega millions ticket. Although i dont have an unlimited budget, I can probabaly spend $20.00 per week or so. Also, I might be interested in playing in a pool or something of that nature.

Feel free to contact me here in this forum, I look forward to your comments!




Welcome aboard Ekrete. Plenty of info here to digest. You might want to have some rolaids around. Sometimes too much info to digest in one sitting....LOL

Good Luck!!

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HSmilei!you will enjoy this forum.(alot of good info here)

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Welcome to the forum....From Michigan

Feel free to ask questions.  We will help if we can  See Ya!

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