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Root sum Magician -Mich. Day

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Mich.Day Watch

Root sum 3,5 or 7 hit

It will use a 3,5 or 7 in the comboJack-in-the-Box by 11/1


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003  039  057  138 147 156 237  255 336 345 399  579 588  678 777


005 023 059  077 113  158 167 239  257  338 347 356  455 599  779 788


007  025 034 079  115  133  178  259  277 349 358 367  457  556 799



I like this pressure on my workouts.If things point this way

so much the better

Undress will tell you of

Key digits 3*-8*-7* for Mich. 11/1Day number.One of those

blue digits* are in the winning

number or is the winning root


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Sandy K

Thank you, BA

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Jorli D

Thank you BA!

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emma pearl

      Thank you BA 133 is coming to MI.

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There are 14 ranges so the optimal range from a statistical aspect would be the 7th set of Sum Total Pairs.  The last set above (07 thru 20) IS the optimal range from a statistical aspect.  The ST's are color-coded to show the sister sum pairs.  The sister sum pairs above the optimal range are also a way to reduce the number of probable numbers to play.  Remember they MUST be eliminated or added in pairs.

The optimal range is still a lot of numbers.  I will explain now how to reduce these further.

Begin with the last draw for your state and begin eliminating just the optimal sums above.  After you eliminate one of the optimal sums, eliminate it's sister sum on the other side.  Continue doing this until you have just a few pairs left.

Those left are the sister sum pairs that are both optimal and overdue to hit.


With so much pressure on Root sum #3

And it can still come.


In Theory:

The sum totals 13 and 14 have equal probability.  I don't have the chart handy so I'm winging it.  If ST 13 is overdue then ST 14 is equally probable to fall.  I haven't done any research with drawfiles but it stands to reason that if you eliminate ST's going back in the draw history until you find a ST Pair that has not hit then those two ST's would be the numbers to filter for.

Just my two cents but it should work.


Please post findings and comments


 Equivalent to sum 12* its sister sum

  is 15* sum ,which George says stands

  an equal chance.




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