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Animated Blackjack

Rip Snorter

If you're the sort of person who enjoys playing blackjack against a computer for practice, or testing different strategies, you might enjoy one of these CDs for the purpose.

I've used several different versions, most recently MS Bicycle Casino, and Bearwear Millenium Animated Blackjack.

The Bearwear version is far the better of the two.  The breadth of options is superior, and the game is a lot more difficult to beat.  The MS game always seats you in the same chair and gives you no choice for trying the game with more than four players.

The Bearwear allows you to select your position at the table, allows you to set up the strategies each other player uses, allows you to choose the speed of the game.  The betting is fast and the play allows you to simulate an actual table game as nearly as is ever likely to happen outside a casino.

With the Bearwear game you can actually set the game up with particular strategies for play for all digital players and leave the machine playing itself for days or weeks if you wish, to discover whether long-range use of a particular strategy wins over a different strategy used by the player in the next seat.  As many as six players, as few as one.

It also allows you to test different strategies by position on the table over 10,000 or 100,000 hands to whether that might give an advantage to one position or another using identical strategies.

If you're going to get animated blackjack to practice I'd definitely recommend the Bearwear version over any I've come across.


Rip Snorter

Those 44 of you folks who've read this thread might be interested in this.

The Microsoft Bicycle Casino software doesn't cut it.  It has more bells and whistles than the Bearwear Animated Blackjack game, but there's something wrong with the program to allow you to win far too easily. 

At the moment I'm roughly half a million bucks ahead of the casino on that game.

Go for the Bearwear version if you want realistic blackjack.  If you can't win on it you'll never win in a casino.  Which is to say, it can be beaten, but it's no cakewalk.


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Did you know several of the online casinos allow play accounts (vs real accounts)?  Most you play online but some like Pharaoh's you play using the software offline.  All software is provided by each site, free.  The few I have seen do not allow changing seat positon.

I like sites using Microgaming software - the software is great.  However, sometimes I don't like the actual limiting casino rules for either Blackjack or other casino games.

I am not convinced that the software is totally unbiased.  I don't believe you will ever amass any huge profit from an online casino.  At least not with Blackjack.

I don't know how Todd would feel about posting online casino links, so I'll leave it up to you and Google to find a few.

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