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Keno (Canada)

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In Toronto, Canada  we have a daily drawing of Keno (1-70  numbers)

                          20 numbers are drawn daily.

                          There are  different  prize amounts (depending on the amount of numbers drawn.)

                          2 numbers correct,  pays $7

                          3 numbers correct, pays $25

                          4  numbers correct, pays $100 ( etc.)

                          We all know that there is no logic in random numbers, (The Lottery Authorities

                          prove that).

                          The odds of any of us winning "The Big One" are in the millions.

                          I wonder if anyone, considers trying to win the lesser prizes.(ie $7 for a $1 investment)

                           If a member has a "system"/ "method" to predict 2 numbers from 70,

                          they could make a small, but ongoing profit weekly.

                           Their stake could increase to $2 per investment, ( definitely no double up)












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