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Don't Rely Only On the Three Letter Codes

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In many states, the three letter codes in the play area of scratch tickets are only to help ticket retailers confirm lower prize amounts (usually $599 and less).

On larger prizes over $599 where you have to go to a lottery office for payout, the letters are meaningless. I have seen a few big winners here in Florida posted at a regional lottery office, some with the code " NVF " which is also a non-winning code used frequently on $599 and lower prizes.

Do not go by the three letter codes because a seemingly meaningless code could mean a big winner.

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oops! The three letter code mentioned above is not " NVF " ... it should have been " NVW "


Here in PA, they simply put the prize won in the code. They put each digit in perentheses like this:

345(1)4583(0)3671 would be a $10 win.

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Here in NY, the 3-letter codes I've seen are:

O-N-E : $1

T-W-O : $2

T-H-R : $3

F-O-R : $4

F-I-V : $5

S-I-X : $6

S-E-V : $7

E-G-T : $8

N-I-N : $9

T-E-N : $10

F-T-N : $15

S-V-T : $17

T-W-N : $20

Z-M-F : $25

N-A-Z : $30

Z-A-P : $40

F-T-Y : $50

H-U-N : $100

F-V-H : $500

Anything above $500 would show a losing 3-letter combination...there is a specic set of these codes that often repeat in a book of tickets.

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