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    the numbers are coming out of coming out of feb and march 05  we had 3 hits

of 510 within a week and the 939 was there..we are in a double mode right now

so look at those months for your doubles.  551 was within a week 0f

both.  am looking at 770,577,344 in the coming week, 032 follows double 55's

and was hot pair last week..your right on all even combos the ones in those

months are 420,480,428  also like 680 which is not there but root 5 is hot.


                                            good luck chris

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Great info.. thanks for sharing...

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Chris, great observation and also very helpful info. Great minds must think I've been running that 707 the last 4 days. The 480 is also another great pick....I've been watching for that one. But, we cannot discount the 264 either. I've been getting it as a quick pick all month long.

I believe we should get another double 55 & double 88 before the months end. I'm hoping for the 848. Any thoughts?


darn 567!!! was within 8 days of 939 ..was looking more at doubles today,

did catch 680 boxed.yes I like 848 been playing off and on last couple weeks,

I follow the vtrac doubles with meaning when you have longest out doubles

like the 22's the 77's follow same with 66's so am leaning on something

77's or 11's next out  like 770,577,121,141 the best,,,787 is in feb,march

if we keep getting hits there.. roots are flipping back and forth..we had 5 than 9

today 9 than 5 ,root 3 and 1 look good,,found something that looks interesting

take the last 2 or 3 doubles and do run down  replacing the doubleing the single

number look at 551 for example ..622,733,844,955,    (939!)

doubles are there only problem is when would they fall?

588came out of 262 and 686 out of 133 iam thinking best way is too due

rundown find month that single digits are hitting and play doubles that are on list in those months??

yes if the 55's hit agian am betting 505,055,,525  i played 848 earlier this week

root 2 was hot  4 seems to be cold though think 5 and 1 are going to start picking up..

                                                good luck hope you catch something


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I'm glad you got the 608. The even combos I played were 246, 480, 026, 800. The evens that I thought were due. I knew we should have gotten at least 1 zero & I didn't think to play the 608:(

Today midday I believe we should get a double that contains 1 zero (101, 660)??. Key word is should lol. If not a double, maybe a single combo that contains a zero. (032, 039, 910)???

Any thoughts?

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