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What is your favorite lottery game?

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My favorite is the Jackpot games. =)

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lotto 6/47 and MM

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Any jackpot game, especially powerball, and lucky for life. Even though I keep only getting 4 numbers. I also like the pick 3 and 4's, and sometimes the match 6.


I'm a lottoholic...will play any game anywhere...scratch is also fun but have never won very much on those.

Jackpots are the best for me...just the thrill of it ( and then not winningCrying )

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MM, no stupid cap also since I would play in WA state - no state income tax. Other than that Euromillions or the Canadian 6/49 games. I also liked Quinto but haven't bought very many tickets since they switched to computerized drawings.

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DisneyMy favorite game is pick 3.  The powerball or the mega million type games don't interest me that much.  I only buy tickets when the jackpot is high and that takes encouragement.  I'd rather slow walk'em down.

I like pick 3 because I can pretty much figure out what's going on if I don't mess up. I got a system that works for me. 

I think powerball and those other type games is like spitting in the wind but worth it to occasionally throw a dollar at.  My opinion, not to offend anybody.  I just like to think that I have some control over the outcome of my gambling.

Pick 3 is fun and exciting.  You get to curse out the number that come the day after you've played it.  And share numbers with friends and celebrate the wins and frustrations and say "we'll get'em next time."  I can't wait for NC to get the pick three games up and rolling. 


I voted "Pick 5."   Florida Fantasy 5 is my favorite, followed by Georgia Fantasy 5. I also like Florida Mega Money and Kentucky Cash Ball (pick 4 + 1 games).

I do play Power Ball, Mega Millions, and Lotto South occasionally, but I favor the lower odds games. I've won much more money in the pick 5 games than in the jackpot or state lottery games.

Given $10 to spend on lottery tickets, I would put $6 in pick 5, $3 in a pick 4 + 1 game, and $1 in a jackpot game.

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