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RE: If you won would you move ?

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If I won a jackpot I would definitely move away because people would be calling and knocking at my door asking for money. Also I would like to move even if I didn't win. A Sad Waveychange of scenery is needed.

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When I win the jackpot I will move, however, I will still live in my state of Wisconsin.

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I would like to stay in the county I live in here in Oregon because of my family members but made not in Willamina.  It would depend on if I could find property for a home to be built on. 

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I would move if I won a big jackpot. It would depend on how much I won.

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Depending the amount I won. I'd move.  Probably out of state.  


I would probably move to another state. I'd like to get out of the hurricane zone for one thing. I considered Nevada, with it's dry climate and no state income tax.


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I'd move.  Depending on how much I won would depend on whether I buy or build.  But no one....and I mean NO ONE will know!  I'd keep a low profile.  (as much as possible)  My hubby's dad is VERY high up on the social ladder, so it wouldn't be a big shock if I suddenly moved to a big house or get a new car.

I wouldn't lie.....if asked did I win the lottery......I'd simply said, I love my FIL.  That's not a lie...that YOU assuming!  LMAO

But yes...I would move!


If I did win a jackpot, I would stay in CA, but move to a new house by buy a house in Concord for my aunt and grandmother. Also, we would buy a house in Hayward near my school for me to live when I'm at school [for residence], and Dublin or San Ramon for my married sister and her husband.

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