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£2bn Lotto scandal

LOTTO fund chiefs were blasted yesterday for hoarding a staggering £2.4BILLION.

The astonishing sum sits in bank accounts while groups desperate for cash are snubbed.

Furious organisations rejected for handouts branded it “a national scandal”.

And Tory MP Edward Leigh said: “Lottery money shouldn’t be in a bank account doing nothing.”

He sits on the Public Accounts Committee who were horrified to discover the huge sum.

The Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team were refused £200,000 — for not saving enough asylum seekers or ethnic minorities.

Their leader, Tony Bond, said: “It’s appalling that causes like ours are refused when they’re sitting on a mountain of money. I spend my pound on the lottery thinking it’s going to good causes — not in a black hole.

“It’s more than a disgrace — it’s a national scandal.”

The 28p from every ticket sale that goes to good causes adds up to £1.4billion a year.


An appeal by Alcester Scouts and Guides in Warwickshire to build a new HQ was rejected because they didn’t “address any specific disadvantage” among minority groups.

Guides fund-raiser Anne Howell said: “It’s infuriating to hear there is that much sat in a bank.”

The Falklands Veterans Foundation, turned down for £800,000 said: “Heads should roll. This is a sickener.”

The Severn Area Rescue Association was snubbed over a £5,000 lifeboats grant in January — because they did not help the “most needy”.

Lotto bosses did not put a penny towards the £1.65million memorial to RAF heroes of the Battle of Britain, but the Czech Government gave £52,000.

The £2.4billion could pay for two brand new state-of-the-art hospitals or fund 1.6million fully-equipped community centres.


Thats alot of money that could have been put to good use.

Regarding asylum seekers, the Uk has far too many of them and it is very apparent especially in places like london where the number of illegal immigrants from all over and particularly from the former eastern bloc has increased dramatically.

I am not British but I love everything about that country...its people, its history but not Tony Blair. money in my opinion should definitely be spent on a number of deserving causes but not on asylum seekers and illegal immigrants .

Sorry if I sound biased


The lotto is still being handled by Camelot isn't it?


Money from these lotto funds should  have been spent generously on the armed forces personnel who do so much for your country; education and schools and other good causes.

the NHS is bad.....thats one place where this money needs to go.

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Or they could just have one giant jackpot and have a record that would never be matched. It sounds like they need to have more audits in the UK to see where their tax dollars are really going.


They should just give it away to any one who wants it. Then, when they run out of money, figure out if they gave it to the right people. Americans do that all the time. We call it Disaster Relief money. We even made special credit cards so we can increase the giveaway ratio. Cry, get money. Be a minority, get money. Pregnant, get money. Not pregnant, get pregnant, then get money. Drop out of school, fail test, get money to take test again. Not getting enough money, start riot, get money to stop riot. America Cares!

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