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Ace High 's 249 pick--658

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Top of pagePosted: September 30, 2004, 5:48 pm - IP Logged

Well looks like this will end up September... Watch for my2 Winning Numbers for October..

It'sgoingto be aWILD month !!!

Sept 25th
Minnesota  6-5-8

Sept 27th
Washington  4-2-9


These numbers came during

the Full Moon Period last year "04"

Interesting 58 pair is Hot now

 Hot Hot 58 pair 10/13-10/19 Blackapple's last post in this thread 

Maryland gets 568 today so watch

568 combo for the next five days

Blackapple's avatar - nw rogue2.jpg

568BX------Va. nite 10/17

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