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2 Winning Numbers Till October's End

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Hi all,

 Took some much needed "Me Time",... So anyways, Here are a few numbers for ya to feast your eyes on.



and I also like the...


Play these anyway you like, also play'em by their color code(all red digits, all blue digits, etc..) and I hope they bring you some Cash-0-$$



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Thumbs Up

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Hey, AcesHigh! Group Hug

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531 is a Full Moon combo

During this FullMoon............

Pa. got hers yesterday

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I am loving the 294 just the way it is for Ill or Fla, that is definetly an October #. I also play it in the pick 4 straight down and especially with 8 as 849 is a strong combo in the pick 4, it normally hits at least twice some months.

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Ace all I can say is Thudfor Ga. even tonight , and you gave uu the #. But after having death in the family I guest my mind was not on the #'s today. and I copyed your post. Can the others still be good to play still?

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