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Consulting with the future self

Rip Snorter

Over the past few decades there's been a lot written, both in fiction and non-fiction (esoterica of the spiritual genre) about visiting one's past self through meditation.  Frequently the intent is to ease the passages through trauma, anger management, envy, greed, and depression. 

Richard Bach, author, pilot and Silva enthusiast writes of this in several of his books.  But there are many more references and descriptions of such visits, and of the outcomes.

I recently offered a brief review of The Wife of a Time Traveler, or some such title, on my blog.  That book is a fiction version of the concept, a man who involuntarily time-travels and arrives naked in unexpected places in the past, who goes to earlier versions of himself to train these for the skills necessary to survive an affliction of that sort.  Getting clothing, getting food, getting money by any means necessary to get through the duration of the visit and get back to his own time.

Time Traveler etc got me thinking about an aspect of all this a person doesn't read much about.  The benefits a person might derive from visiting the younger version of one's self during meditation are probably laudable.  But the real benefit for each of us might come from inviting a future self of our own, by the same method, to join us for a conference.

I'm not suggesting it would be a means of getting lottery numbers.  Instead, I'm suggesting that method might be used to erase the barriers we have keeping us from doing whatever we wish to, be it winning a lottery, or dealing with the win once we've managed it.

Seems to me there's no doubt the future self is bound to be a lot wiser than the present one, and that the benefits of helping a past self through difficulties are small by comparison to what we might learn from the person we haven't yet become.

Just some thoughts.


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In meditation you enter a "space" where time doesn't exist so there is nothing stopping someeone from doing just that other than their belief they can't.   Smiley

Rip Snorter

Thanks for the reply Konane.

My thinking is that a conversation of that sort might be possible on a conscious level, but it might also transpire on a level at which the current 'self' is not consciously aware, or is only aware in vague terms similar to a remembered dream.

But I'm only speculating.  Bach's visits with his past self)s) sometimes happened at a level outside the awareness his 'other' self.

In any case there's nothing to lose in trying it.  Fact is we all have a lot to learn at any given point of our lives.  If we can do something of this sort it might help.  Failing that, it might be we could project ourselves into a perception of future consequences of our general modes of behavior, or specific ones and profit by what we already know but refuse to grant occupation rights within our lives.





I also read the book by Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife. I found it one of the most delightful books I have read in a very long time. I have always liked time-travel stories and have read a good many books of that genre. This is one of the best.

I read some Richard Bach’s works too, but nothing recent, so I don’t recall any visits to his former self. I did spend quite some time with the Silva method, although I don’t want to call myself an expert.

After many years of being a total non-believer in anything remotely smelling of ESP, spiritual or psychic, I started taking up self-hypnosis, and in that quest and while practicing hypnosis, I have stumbled upon clear psychic capabilities that I have.

For instance, I have proven to myself that I can “telegraph” other people using only my mind to contact me, or at least think about me. I have been able to do this repeatedly with different people who would have had no idea that I would be doing that. But I digress, I am simply bringing it up because the Silva methods teach this ability.

So, if you can go back in time with your mind and visit your former self in the past, why would you NOT be able to go into the future and visit your future self? Furthermore, I would not have any qualms about using this ability to travel into the future to look up lottery numbers. Heck, if everyone did it, the lottery would be rendered obsolete. Fortunately, not many people do it, and those that do will not advertise this ability to the lotteries.

In the past year or so, I have been able to obtain lottery numbers with about 10 times the success rate that random drawing would produce. In pick 6 games, I get one or two correct numbers just about every time I try. I have gotten as many as three correct. You might not think this a big feast, but when you look at the odds of most pick 6 games, getting one out of 6 usually happens only every 3 or 4 games randomly.

I must admit that I have done this in spurts, and then I fade, lose interest in the lotteries for a few months, only to come back and pick it up again. It does take some significant time and discipline, so I have a hard time keeping the “schedule.” Here is what I do:

At the evening of every drawing, Wednesday and Saturday night, I review the drawing results, and using a hypnotic Alpha state, as well as auditory and visual mnemonics, I broadcast the correct numbers back to the past. I do this by basically looking at the numbers in hypnosis, and picturing myself visiting myself from the past.

Sometime between Thursday and Sunday (the day after the drawing) and before the drawing time, I go into hypnosis separately, and I travel forward in time to visit myself on Wednesday or Saturday night at broadcast time. I am usually in the same place at the same time, and that helps a great deal. I “see” the numbers my future self is broadcasting to me, but looking through the eyes of my future self. When I see the numbers, I write them down. I only write down one complete set of drawing numbers. Then I play them for the next drawing.

This may sound hokey and strange, and there is a lot more detail to it than I show above, but the principle, I honestly believe, works. I am getting much better than average results. And I am a scientific person, definitely not what you’d call a “spiritual” or “psychic” person at all, and particularly one that has condemned and even ridiculed such practices as late as two or three years ago.

I participated in threads about this activity in this forum over a year ago, mid 2004 or so, but then faded way. I only check back in here occasionally, but I still recognize some names.

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Dragon!!!  So happy to have you posting again!!!!  Yeeeeesssss!! 


Dragon!!!  So happy to have you posting again!!!!  Yeeeeesssss!! 

Hey ---

Good to be here. Unfortunately, no new material. Same old, same old.

Rip Snorter

Interesting post dragon.  Thanks for sharing it.


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Time travel eh? Deja Vu...


Hey Konane, Dragon, I still have not hit it big, but have had compareable luck with Dragon.  I can fill a ticket with 5 -  6 digit numbers and have 2 right on each.  I still use the same methods as I did before. 

I reread that whole projecting numbers through time to oneself blog again recently, however I could not log on.  I have been busy with three little kids.

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I do that. I can tune in to me - past, present or future, as well as others.   I no longer do it for peoples number wagers, but I used to. It does not matter. If you are not supposed to get the dough, you wont. 

A fellow I know at work thought he could get rich using me.  It just does not work out when you are greedy.  But he pestered the doo-doo outa me, so I said OK.  I told him to decide his number, play it, ask me how he would feel when he heard what number came out.  Then he would know if he should bet more or not before the actual draw.  So later on he told me he played his number. I tuned in to him and how he would feel  that evening when he heard what number fell.   I told him " depressed ".   Next day he was furious with me, said I was WRONG.  He said his number fell and he didnt have it and it was my fault.

I said "I am never wrong, I either get the way you feel or I dont get it.. but when I do, it is right."  He fussed and argued. He said his number fell and he didnt have it.  When I asked  what happened to the  dollar he said he had bet, he said  " I just told you that to find out if i would win "

.  ( I also psychically picked up the word chicken on the way home from work so strongly that I went an extra 30 miles to buy some chicken to bring home for my son.. only to get home and find he had chicken pox. My 2 psychic sisters got a big kick out of that one..hehe ) 


 even as I hit 'post reply' I know I am going to regret that I even mentioned it.  

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