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Dynamic or flexible system(s).

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Some people post systems here, but they only work a small part of the time.

Just like some or many filters work only sometimes, filter failures compound each other, so the more filters used the more often that they fail.

A person most have a dynamic or flexible system, the draws move from a set of patterns to another, either quick or slowly, whatever part of your total system that you are using at a particular time most be the part that is working with that particular game at that particular time.

For example, if you use filters, you should not have just 2 to 4 of them, but as many as you can, that does not mean that you would use all of them at the same time, because if you do, you might not win, out of the many filters that you should have, you should use only the ones that are working with the particular game at the particular time and as the game changes, so should the filters or some of the filters (the ones that no longer work now), you must study the past and the new draws as they come out so you will know what to use for the next and or few next draws.

You need a changing system of filters for a changing game, so you can win enough to make a profit, because you might not win on every draw, the same system and or filter routine will not always work, maybe not even often enough.

Again, you need a flexible or dynamic system for a dynamic, flexible, or changing game.

Look at the game, at the numbers as they come out on every draw, study them, also look at the past draws see how the numbers moved arround, study them, look at present stats and at past stats for that game.

What "Should Work Most Of The Time", migtht not work most of the time, might not even work at all, the state lotteries manipulate the draws in many ways, so statistics get all messed-up, the present and past draws will tell you what is going on with the draws and the patterns, you must look and see to know, the numbers will not talk to you, so you can't ask them, you must look at them and see, look at present and at past numbers.

You say that you play the same number(s) and you have been waiting 4 months (Or longer) for it or them to come out ?

Why wait ? Maybe some "Static" systems are good, but if you want to win more often, then use dynamic systems.

A dynamic system for a dynamic game (Even "Fixed" and or messed-up games have some dynamic components in them).

In other words, the same exact number will not come out on every single draw for ever and ever and ever, the games are dynamic no matter how Screwed-Up they might be.

I just took a quick look at the Georgia pick 3 draws, one of the 2 daily draws has been getting a lot of doubles lately, it is or was Doubles Paradise.

Better get used to portions of the game being all messed-up in whatever way(s) every so often or from time to time, that is lottery life.

A dynamic system should adjust and compensate for many kinds of pattern(s) messes or screw-ups, maybe even use those "Unbalances" to win more often with.

Is your system flexible enough to deal with all the many changes in your lottery game as the draws roll out day after day ?


I use a simple system, Go to store. Plop down a dollar. Leave store. Tomorrow, repeat. It would be dynamic if I actually won something larger than the initial investment total.

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A quick pick ?

Even if you only play the one number, it might still be best to pick your own number(s).

Who knows best, You or the computer terminal ?

It is your dollar ! Pick your own number yourself !

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I have a very flexible system.

I changed my mind

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Having a dynamic or flexible system that continue to lose is no better than any other system that continue to lose.  The results are the same.

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As I said the same last combo will not keep on coming out draw after draw, there are no 100% unknowns, there are "Degrees Of Change", there will be some degrees of change and there will be so many number of changes,.

Just 1 degree of change and only just 1 change, that still makes the draws dynamic.

There are no 100% unknowns.

The I Ching of the lottery or the "Lottery I Ching" the book of lottery changes, by me, maybe one day (?).

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Having a dynamic or flexible system that continue to lose is no better than any other system that continue to lose.  The results are the same.

Yes, very true, you don't want to use a dynamic losing system.

You need to know what you are doing.

You don't just need a dynamic system.

But you need a winning dynamic system.

Almost anybody can have and use a dynamic system, but Will it be a winning or a losing system ?

You (We) need to develop "WINNING" dynamic systems, not just any losing dynamic system.

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There are patterns, statistics, changes+unchanges, degree of change+degree of no change.

The games have both Static Components and Dynamic Components.

They have their patterns and statistics.

Also there are "LOOPS" of these things or CYCLES.

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The best key to winning might be a coordinated integration of all the different factors into one winning dynamic system.

Easier said than done of course, but hardly impossible and also hardly improbable.

We are getting there one small step at a time, as understanding seeps or comes in a little at a time.

As they say, everything in it's own time.

Or, the impossible now and miracles will take a little longer.

The number of changes and their degree of change will of course change from draw to draw within limits of course, the changes are dynamic within certain average limits of course for the particular portion of draws.

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This will be short tonight for I have little time right now.

When I say degrees of change I mean for example if the last pick 3 number was 680 and the next was 936 the 6 changed 3 digits up from 6 to 9, the 8 moved down or up 5 digits, the 0 moved up 6 digits, so there were 14 digits of movement total for the whole number in that particular way, there were also other digit movements in other ways.

When I say number of changes I mean the above example being 1 or 3 changes and also the change from Even to Odd of the first digit and change from Even to Odd of the second and the change of High to Low of the middle or second digit and the change of from Low to High of the Rth or 3rd digit, + other changes of which I won't talk about right now.

So there are numbers of particular changes (Patterns changes) and degrees of changes, these all are very important.

That is all for now.

Good luck.

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I am not too sure yet how, but the above could maybe be used as some kind of filters, I have not yet had enough time to think of how to use the above to help with the lottery, there might be a way or ways.

By the way, very soon after my Texas post the draws for it (for Texas) normalized, they are no longer it seems mostly high and mostly even, Why is that ? Why so soon after my post about it ? Is TLC looking also at my posts ?

That is why I quit posting, because of "Reactions" on the draws that I see after some of my posts.

Bye. Let us keep on trying to Crack the games.

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This in an update on the Texas draws:

Combined Midday and Eve:

421 Mostly Low+Mostly Even

408 Mostly Low+Mostly Even

175 Mostly High+Mostly Odd

392 Mostly Low+ Mostly Odd

684 Mostly High+ Mostly Even

403 Mostly Low+ Mostly Even

471 Mostly Low+Mostly Odd

Remember that they were mostly High.

Now they are Mostly Low (for the moment until TLC sees this post (?) maybe). The Even and the Odd are about the same right now, it used to be Mostly Even untill my post about it, then they changed it.

We will see how it goes from now on the next draws.

As you can see, what I said about the width of 3 to 7 digit from Low to High digits still applies even now.

And what  I said about Low # 0-5,  Mid # 2-7,  High # 4-9 still also applies now.

Not all is lost, let us see what develops next and also check other filters on Sunday and or Monday as I will have some more time later for that.

Good luck.

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Tx Sat Eve 410 Mostly Low+Mostly Even

As you can see the Mostly low+Mostly Even Pattern has developed so far.

The Texas game is kind of "FIXED" as we already new and so therefore is unbalanced and very prone to pattern trends and so if we keep track of them pattern trends there might be some chance of making some money here, but trends might keep on changing as TLC does seem to look at this.

We will see.

So far the last 3 draws were Mostly Low+Mostly Even.

Did anybody make some money on this new trend ?

Maybe not, because the Middle Digit was a 1 and so the:

Low = 0-5 The Middle = 2-7 and High = 4-9

Did not work, as the game is fixed and TLC is tricky and does keep track of everything that I myself always post and does try to foil or mess me up on at least 1 way.

Did you see how the last 3 draws are almost the same ? A sure sign almost always of a very very "FIXED" game, as I have always known.

TLC + GTECH = Double rotteness a very very bad combination.

I have been working against GTECH for the past 2 years or so, my trying to break the pick 3 is of course my working against them.

The draws as they come out day after day tell all, all by themselves and the reactions to posts here also.

Keep on looking at the draws, in spite of their heavy Fixing and or because of it there are always trends, even if they screw some of the filters along the way. They can't screw all of the filters all of the time.

TLC is very obvious on their reactions and they do react.

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If you had used Compound filters then all those patterns would had been different, have many filters and use different ones at different times, since there are so very many of them. That throws TLC and Gtech off and out, because they can't cope with all the so very many different filters and combinations.

By the way the above are just the most common examples, there are very many more besides those, filters are legion (almost).

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the biggest problem I encountered when I tried to develop systems was that just when I thought I had identified a pattern or "rule of thumb", the next few draws would undo it.

my last effort was a combined attempt to meld a long-term system (full draw history) with a short-term system (last 3 draws) and that short term data provided the dynamic factor... not to any great result tho.

you are most definitely right with the need for a dynamic system... my stat system proved to static even with a short term component. right now my dynamic system is one quick pick, if I ever feel motivated to try again, I'll need something that I can backtest, since backtesting is where ALL of my ideas met their bitter end.  it was nothing for me to cook up a system in a few hours or days and spend months developing formulas/tables/vb code to properly backtest it. no joy:-(

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