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CA SLP Challenge: 10/12/05


Everyone, this is the CA SLP "pigskin challenge" new thread for 10/12/05. It doesn't matter what the jackpot is, but lets see who predicts the best in this round of the CA SLP challenge. Way back in the day we used to run a Pigskin Challenge, named after LP Member 'pigskin' choosing 10 white balls and 3 mega balls from PB.


Everyone, these are the rules:

A. Choose 10 WBs out of 47 plus 5 more WBs in brackets as tiebreakers.

B. Choose 3 MB out of 27 plus 2 more MBs in brackets as tiebreakers.

C. The format will be a 10/3 format in the CA SLP "pigskin challenge" and a 15/5 tiebreaker format from MM and PB.

The brackets [] are used for up to 5 WBs for a total of 15 WBs and up to 2 MBs for a total of 5 MBs just in case two or more players are tied as the best predictor in the 10 WBs/3 MBs CA SLP pigskin challenge. If only one player is the best predictor in 10 WBs/3 MBs, then the tiebreaker isn't necessary.


Ha, would you care to tell us the jackpot amount?  Or is it classified?

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16,18,20,23,27,31,32,39,41,42-- [5,12,22,34,35]



The jackpot for CA SLP is 11 million for Wednesday 10/12. Since I'm not going to choose up to 10 WBs and 3 MBs, I'll just play my pick: 5-6-11-12-28 Mega 6.

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The winning numbers are 2, 25, 33, 39, 44, and MB 11.

In the 10/3 format: JKING: 0+1 [got MB 11] versus Delores247: 0+0. Delores247 would have improved to 2+0 [25, 33] if we got to 15/5 format. However, JKING wins this round by matching the MB.

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