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will powerball set a new record........


do you see powerball breaking its previous record setting high jackpot?


better yet if someone can beat jack whittaker record so we don't have to feel shameful no more about the biggest jackpot winner......


  It will probably need to roll three or four more times to get a record setting cash value option (the current record cash value jackpot is $180 million).

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I don't get this message at all why do you feel we should feel shameful about old Jack. What he did or didn't do shouldn't affect you or anyone else. Unless you are directly related to him or his family and what had happened to him somehow filtered down to you. Old jack did exactly as was expected of a man his age and upbringing. A good ol boy who was a self made millionaire before he won. Who in a brief moment was rich beyond his wildest imagination. Having won the powerball jackpot then coming forward and boasting how he was so happy he could finally help his community and friends thrust him and his family into the limelight.

He did an awful lot to help his community and was for all intensive purposes looked upon by his community as a soft touch kind of guy. The pressure of winning a jackpot that size and trying to remain an average Joe was more than he could handle. People in his community no longer looked at him as cool hand kind of guy.

He was now one of the richests guys in his area if not the richest, one who would never need or want for anything. Because he could buy whatever things or services he wanted. It had been reported that after he won his wife wouldn't even make him a cup of coffee. She said later if she knew before hand what the largest jackpot winning would have done to her family she would have torn up the ticket. (mind you not given it away, torn it up.) goes to show what kind of class she has.

Apparently his relationship with his wife and family was on the rocks before he won and he acting out of depression or revenge sought to make his life and everyone around him life miserable. It was almost as if he was going through delayed stress syndrome acting out without giving second thought of the repercussions. From the moment he came forward every thing he did after that was under a microscope people following him around and recording every move he made.

Gant it he should have conducted his self better but for whatever the reasons chose to live and act out the way he did.

So in closing remember this if you won quote by my mother (by the grace of the almighty go i) meaning don't let what happen to him happen to you. And don't say that you would never fall into this trap. Having money beyond you wildest expectations can change you life forever be it good or bad.


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Imagine the INTEREST a bank would give you EVERY DAY on that kind of money - your generation would be set for life.  Although I often day dream of winning that kind of money, it would be hard for a person to keep track of it all.  I bet you'd have lots of friends and so called family who would want to help...

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It might actually make it to $300 million.  Sales are still way down compared to MM, I don't know if that is a population difference or what.  The jackpot is not increasing as much as you think it would either.  If it does roll on Wednesday we should see the first $300,000,000 jackpot in years.



Everyone I know is spending more this morning than they ever had. I went to PA to buy some more tickets. This is the first time I saw lines in Milford, PA. By 11:00 am, the clerks looked tired. I think the hype will cause a winner.

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I think it will break a record, the additional two balls has really done what lottery officials had expected, 'boost sales and create more hype.' Also as in Jack's case, and any other's case, money is merely a 'tool to prosperity and happiness' - not a prerequisite necessary. If you had problems managing money before winning the lottery, chances are you will still have them afterwards. Even if you do hire a team of professionals, you need to be educated as well, and be able to keep an eye on them also.

But Jack's case is yet another example of the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer....

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I think it will be won on Wednesday. Of course I could be wrong, but that is my guess.


I am hoping for a $300+million Jackpot!

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I think it will be won on Wednesday. Of course I could be wrong, but that is my guess.

I Agree!PartyIt is going to be hit and I am hoping for a million or more myself.

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I will be watching and hoping it can hit 300 if it rolls. Might have to drive down to Ranier Oregon like the rest of Seattle to get tickets.


i hope it gets past 300 million.its about time powerball set a new record.might even be a tennessee winner!


I hope the jackpot rolls over into Wednesday. My vote is for yes.


I have a feeling it will be hit this Saturday, especially if they increase the estimated amount due to higher than expected sales, which some state lottery websites already say they have.

Still, I hope it rolls over one more time, just so I can see how the cap works, unless I win the jackpot, then I don't care if it's this Saturday or next Wednesday or whenever.

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