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Number Selection

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I use a combination all of all the above. Has anyone ever built their own ball dispenser? I remember doing this when I was a kid with some ping pong balls and a milk jug. I am currently working on a updated version that is a little more technologically advanced. :) Course I am sure the clerk at Walmart was wondering why I was buying 10 packs of table tennis balls, circle labels, and black markers. 


Thinking of...



Course I am sure someone else has had to have done so, maybe to hold their own raffle or something? lol.

I had no idea how much fun it would be. Computer generated picks are not cutting it too well for me, so I figured why not go with balls! All I need now is a suction device to create a vacuum, perhaps a sweeper pipe would suffice? But only one ball at a time is able to exit regardless, with the aid of good ole gravity.


So we'll see how it goes. Maybe I will use my device for nightly draws, and a computer generated one for day time drawings. LOL But hey, I have dedicated so much energy and thought to the lottery for quite some time now, so I may as well make it more fun! I sm sure it would make for a great "winner's story."

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I let the computer pick mine, not having any luck with it though

maybe it will get better.

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I gave up on systems. one quickpick with the powerplay in PB for every draw is the limit of my lottery involvement now.

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I've been using a program, sometimes it's good, sometimes it horrible.  I'm starting to realize that ANY set of numbers is and will be just as good as any other - to include 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Any set of numbers still has 1 in a 14 million chance of hitting.  The lottery is really starting to frustrate me guys.  I play, play and play some more, I use programs, crunch numbers, study - still nothing.  I still think positive though.  Maybe one day.  Good Luck to All

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I have what i call personel picks... numbers that relate to my family. birth dates and such. would have won 50 grand if i had played last week. didnt bother to take the ride to DC getting over the sting of having been a procrastinator.



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I pick my own random numbers.  With my own RNG, I can control the looks of my combinations, avoid combinations that have hit before, avoid picking smaller combinations more than once, control which numbers are in the mix and get a better mix of numbers in a small group.  The combinations that I pick aren't better than the ones that are picked by the machine but I like them better.

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Rick G


What my wife and I used to do was use a home bingo "machine" and we labeled the balls with the lottery numbers, turned the wheel a few times and out comes a ball.

I wonder if they still make those.  The cage containing the balls was about the size of a 16" softball and had wooden balls.  The ball would drop into a slot when you stopped rolling the crank.  (It was fun, but she thought I was a lunatic).

That was the best re-creation of an actual lottery drawing I've ever tried....I might shop around and see if I can find one again.


I have one of those bingo baskets.  The plastic? balls are about 5/8" diameter and are numbered from 01 to 75.  It is fun to play with but I have not had any luck either.  Maybe I should use as a "wheel" mixing my pool numbers.

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Where can these bingo baskets be bought? Online, or at local reatilers?

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Ah ok I saw a few at amazon. Cool. Seems to be pretty small and compact as well.

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I have used a variety of different methods in the past. I usually do quick picks, but lately I've been using systems or picking my own numbers instead of going the qp route.

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I have always picked my own #'s (up to 10 sets) That I play no matter what the jackpot is! Big Grin But when I go to play additional #'s beyond my usual 10 sets, I just pick more #'s! Wink When the PB jackpot hits 75 Million I play up to 30 sets of #'s (20 sets over my usual. I keep those extra 20 sets on stand-by at all times)! Twitch I know this Wednesday night for PB I'll be picking another 20 sets of #'s for a total of 50 dollars worth of tickets! Shocked 


Once I heard this story when a guy from UK always picked the same numbers...for years. One day he was late to buy a ticket and BINGO his numbers hit! He was so depressed and...hanged himself.


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That is why you always buy your tickets the day the latest!

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Yes, I always buy my tickets no later than the day before the draw.

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