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Crazy dream !!

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Had a dream of being in alabama at my grandma's house (she's still living) and a lot of people were there including my three sister's ex-inlaws (mother and two daughters--the mother is deceased).  My three grandchildren were in the dream but not their parents (son or daughter) and my uncle who is deceased, my cousin was in the dream--distant cousin), my husband was in the dream dancing with this really ugly lady--which after the dance, I never saw him again--just saw the ugly lady come out of the room with this other man who was very tall--I did not know him; I never saw my sister's ex-inlaws again, never saw my uncle again or my grandchildren and then I saw my grandmother (owner of the house) come in and she was wearing a two-piece navy blue suit with a white blouse underndeath.  The blouse was open--about three buttons undone from the bottom and her stomach was full of sweat and I wiped it off.  I didn't know the ladies that came in with her--there were two of them.  My mother, grandfather or another uncle who are deceased were not in the dream.  But everyone that I saw initially in the dream, once I saw them I never saw them anymore in the dream.  Also in the dream, my cousin and I walked up the street to the corner store and then there was a huge mall with a lot of stores!! (in that small town).  Then  I woke up about 3:00 this a.m. and I have been up ever since, trying to figure out the dream...  Can anyone help me decifer this crazy dream....puzzled here in SAV, GA

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Sometimes dreams have no meaning. I had one dream recently where I was attacked by werewolves. I had another where it was night and Idi Amin was chasing me with a machine gun and firing at me.Not all dreams are a sign or anything you can readily interpret.


IMHO., a dream is a dream. Escapism from day-to-day life. Some times good, some times not. Had one about forty years ago where I was being chased by huge bugs. Woke up and discovered I had been bitten by a spider. Had the same dream many times after that,  no spider bites. Go figure.

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