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Lucky Surf

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Anyone play Lucky Surf, and Freelotto? Luckysurf is a 7/50 game, and it seems that everyday I play it is not uncommon for me to match on average 3 out of 7, and sometimes 4 out of 7 per day - with all the bonus draws. I wonder why I rarely ever get even that with games such as match 6, and the Powerball?


In fact I am usually very fortunate to get even 1 number on retail games, as opposed to those I play online. Hmmmmm, I wonder just how 'legitimate' online lotteries really are, and just how much they want to instill "false hope" into members so that they continue to keep playing, and see all those sponsored "pop ups?" Of course it could easily be fixed, but for the price I am not really complaining. I have read the "winners stories" and names etc, usually a "John D" etc, and I must say I am quite skeptical. I do not know anyone personally who ever actually won. Anyone else know of anyone who has won?


Not to mention I have been pulling those slot handles, placing chips down, throwing dice, dealing cards, and everything else you could imagine, for several years now on, and have yet to win a jackpot. But of course you can find the 'actual winners' names posted in the same format as stated above. Nonetheless seeing my name on that $10 million check each week is inspiration in itself. Also congrats to Tom H.! Skeptical

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IMHO, pretty much a waste of time, and gets you on thousands of spam lists.

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4 out of 7! Yay! I think I only ever got that once before. What a great prize also! I now get to go spend money at in order to save 10%....Hmmmmmm



 I did not expect such a grouping of the 20's to do that good. Why can't that happen on the "Real Lotteries?" Bang Head Only 3 numbers away from a cool million spread out over 40 years. Eek

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