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florida 35 million winner august/2005


 In August Paul combs of Nwe Port richey Fl got very lucky and won 35 million in the lotto.

 He was very generous to a group of younger girls at the wing house ,buying 10 girls there a car of their choice.

 I don't know if this is a rumor I think it not since one of those girls is my niece and worked at the Wing House.

This was very generous of Paul combs' as well as his wife charlotte. He saw a chance to make some young struggling youths happy a I'm certain it made him feel good to bestow a gift as such to these young struggling teen


            WAY TO GO PAUL & Charlotte!

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Tell your niece not to give up her day job, Paul probably didn't talk it over with Charlotte.  It's unlikely two people would be that ****.


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