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Dream help...."laughing slavesa'


ChairI was a slave in this dream(which I often am).... there was a whole bunch of us.  We kept not doing what we were suposed to do.

We were in a dining room & we were suposed to be serving our masters food.  We kept poring it on them & spilling it on them on purpose.  When the would get mad, we would imitate them being mad & just laugh.

They sent for an overseer to come & beat us.  We grabbed the whip away from him & went "beat, beat, beat....whip, whip, whip" & hit him with it & laughed.

Then we killed them all, accept a baby, & left.

What a dream.... see any numbers for this?


I think the best number I can give you is the one for my therapist...

But seriously, folks...

Dream books are available in some states at most retail outlets. If you can't find any, they're available online from various sites for very little money ($1.50 to $3.00).

I can't help you with the numbers, but here are some excerpts from 10,000 Dreams Interpreted, by Gustavus Hindman Miller:

Servant (slave): "To dream of a servant is a sign that you will be fortunate, despite gloomy appearances. Anger is likely to precipitate you into useless worries and quarrels. To discharge a servant foretells regrets and losses. To quarrel with a servant in your dream indicates that you will, upon awakening, have real cause for censuring someone who is derelict in duty. To be robbed by a servant shows that you have someone near you who does not respect the laws of ownership."

Master: "To dream that you have a master is a sign of incompetency on your part to command others, and you will do better work under the leadership of some strong-willed person. If you are a master, and command many people under you, you will excel in judgment in the fine points of life, and will hold high positions and possess much wealth."

Soup: "To dream of soup is a forerunner of good tidings and comfort. To see others taking soup foretells that you will have many good chances to marry. For a young woman to make soup signifies that she will not be compelled to do menial work in her household, as she will marry a wealthy man. To drink oyster soup made of sweet milk, there will be quarrels with some bad luck, but reconcilliations will follow."

Baby: "To dream of crying babies is indicative of ill health and disappointments. A bright, clean baby denotes love requited, and many warm friends."

Killing: "To dream of killing a defenseless man prognosticates sorrow and failure in affairs. If you kill a man in defense, or kill a ferocious beast, it denotes victory and a rise in position."

Whip: "To dream of a whip signifies unhappy dissensions and unfortunate and formidable friendships."

Laughing: "To dream that you laugh and feel cheerful means success in your undertakings, and bright companions socially. Laughing immoderately at some wierd object denotes disappointment and lack of harmony in your surroundings. To hear the happy laughter of children means joy and health to the dreamer. To laugh at the discomfort of others denotes that you will injure your friends to gratify your own selfish desires. To hear mocking laughter denotes illness and disappointing affairs."


Please keep in mind that this book was written sometime around 1907, so don't take anything presented here too seriously. Books like this one were sold for purposes of entertainment and daily guidance because, back then, many people didn't have computers, television sets or video game systems to occupy their spare time. 

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