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Straights...what is their rate of return?

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 Looking at the return rates for singles or 6way numbers first.

 When 321 hits ...... what are the odds he will return in a year as that straight?

  Well..... off the top of my head it would be a........  1 in 6  chance or 16.66 %



   You have a 83.34 % better chance at hitting a straight if you don't play the same order again.... back to back. 



 Looking at the doubles return rate.

What is the chance a double will return in the same order?

 Well..... the odds are 1 in 3 for a double or 33.3 % 


You have a 67 % better chance of hitting a double straight if you don't play it the same order again.

Question ?

 Is it just me ?...or does it seem doubles just don't play this. It seems there is a direct connection as to how much I bet on a particular double and the odds of a straight order return.DunkLOL  

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Most of the time...........when I am doing my work-outs, I go to the web-site(Georgia's/Tn's) and search a number and see how many times it has fell in all 6 ways. That helps me decide the order to play the number. Another thing I do is Vtrac positioning. I keep a record of every number and and their Vtracs and how they are falling. It has changed my picks and helped win alot more straights than I was with-out it. Maybe this will help others too.

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Payout percentage on GA straight Pick 3 is 50%. Payout percentage on Straight/Box is 49% - and I need to mod the page with the actual payouts - it should have been done when I last modded the game last Feb.

Your odds for a payout on rearranged numbers (83.33%, to be exact) only apply if you play all of those five combinations. Otherwise they'll be the same as the original combination. Same principle applies with doubles.



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