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MM and PP

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  PowerBall Mega Millions
 Max Sales $210,850,582 $195,576,985
  Jackpot $250  7-29-98 Jackpot $350 5-9-00
 Min Sales $5,829,678 $2,957,224
  Jackpot $5 11-5-97 Jackpot $7 2/24/98

PowerBall Population:  83,000,000              Odds of Jackpot:  146,107,962

MegaMillions Population:  155,100,000        Odds of Jackpot:  175,711,536

If you look at the numbers they are quite interesting.

The PowerBall odds of winning are almost double (1.75 times) the amount of population.

The MegaMillions odds of winner are only about even (1.13 times) the amount of the population.

If you ask me the PowerBall game has the better chance of "breaking any records" because of this fact.  There is a case for boarder jumpers but the odds are a big difference.  The past concludes that more tickets are sold in PB states then in Mega Millions states probably due to the fact that PB has so many jurisdications that boarder jumpers can be very populous, but with Jackpot Fatigue these days I don't see that happening.

Anyone with comments?


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First Powerball has a cap that will hit at 339.9 million so anything above that will have to come from MM unless you want to wait a long time judging from the recent rollovers in Powerball. Second the lower sales in CA represent a big potential source of sales once the jackpot breaks the 300 million level and is all over the news. All big jackpots so far have been the result of dramatic sales for the largest drawing. Unless this is a new era of lotteries where record pots are the result of slow creeping growth and not spikes in sales.


I would like to see somebody compare Lotto South's three-state population to the odds of winning the 6/49 game. That would prove my comments about LS's matrix being too small.


  I think the Powerball population is more than 83 million - it's probably closer to 96 million.

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  I think the Powerball population is more than 83 million - it's probably closer to 96 million.

subtract louisiana

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