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Califdude is right ! Hot/Cold

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 CalifDude..... has as his signature the following.


                Go with what's HOT...not with what's not" 


  When ya think about it there is a short downside risk to going with what's hot.

 Back when I used to play with stocks I stopped selling short for just that reason. Your gains are limited when selling a stock short .....but going long on a stock has unlimited potential.

  If you go with what's hot you will be right about 50% of the time as usual ...... but the up side is that its not as expensive to play that way and you might stay lucky for a looooooong time ! 


              Play what's hot ..... you might stay lucky a long time!  If your not.... at least it's over quick."  LOL

                                                                                          Win  d     


It's the right way that's for sure. I don't always do it but it's the smart play in the long run. Players would rather be right than win sometimes...LOL 

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