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TN Millionaire thanks to PB

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Someone in TN won a million from powerball tonight.  They matched 5 Numbers and got the Powerplay which was x5.  That makes our 6th millionaire since the lotto started.  Also at the end of the month there will be another millionaire thanks to the Million $ drawing. 


Pretty eclectic ways of getting millionaires. Powerball, Second-Chance draws, and Lotto 5. Now they just need a little Volunteer Lotto.

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Oh yes Jimmy.  Since the chances of LS are dropping we may have an instate game other than lotto 5.  (You know a pick 6/49 multi million dollar lotto)  I think that would go over well with TN.  Only the drawings need to be Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday to compete with PB.

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