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Anybody ever heard of these crooks?

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Anybody ever heard of these guys?  Sound like crooks to me.  He's had 17 posts is a standard member since 2004.  Imagine having 84 draws a week.


HI there TENAJ

This is jags from India ....Seems like U have struck the right CORD in LP...

Good luck for you in future for that....

Well i am from INDIA and we have 2 Pick-3 Games here ....

the MAX_3 ( having 24 Draws in a day ( 1 every half an Hour)....

for link if u want c for urself ....


Do u any strategy  for game like this....

 All info wud be appreciated

Thanks in advance  



Indian Friend




For what it's worth...

I got a few PMs last year from this person, just hello-how do you do, how are your systems?  Never asked for any money or anything.  Seemed friendly enough.

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Sounds like some one seeking some advice from an expert.  Maybe he should be PMing Gail Howard.

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This guy use to be a member of another lottery forum that I was a memebr of for a while. 

I never heard anything about those frequent lottery drawings before though.  Seems like he's just looking for advice though. 


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