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GoArmy's guide to 3 out of 4

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Due to Four's inability to support the general public with his never fail 3 out of 4 approach to the Illinois Pick 4. I have deemed it necessary to give to you, the public, my never fail 3 out of 4 list for Illinois. This will take considerably more money then what Four usually post and only a 2 out of 4 hit may be possible.............if you are lucky.

And here they are...............comma's are being inserted to assist you in playing all possible combinations so that you to may feel the unprecedent hate and discontent for the Pick 4 that me and Four both share.




Still in the experimental stage.......6880,6808,6825,6820,6858

8855,9852,8852,6852 and 6850.



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I see at least 5 of the same numbers that I am playing, does this mean that I will most assuredly be one number off?


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Most assuredly my dear, sort of curious to see Four's numbers for today. I am actually worried about the isn't like him not to have posted yet.

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Yeah, me too.

I wait with bated breath everyday for his posts.

And #2?

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The second rule of success is you NEVER speak about the second rule.


I have drank wayyyyyyy too much coffee this morning. Four is getting it too when he gets here, just found my sister on the same swingers site that I signed up for.......the nerve of four!!!

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GoArmy you must have sent that friggin cold via the internet cause now i'm feeling like crap.... but will get better soon.


And remember see below

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michigan mid day Sept.27 -8852

yesturday eve-9761

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