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How Often Do You Modify Your System?

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Most systems at the LP seem to be a work in progress, including mine. What is it that justifies changing your system? Maybe it's merely an issue of how much confidence we have in our systems.

Any thoughts are welcomed.


I modify my system and picks after each draw. My picks depend on frequency, hot/cold, and certain numbers haven't been both the winning numbers of WB and either PB and/or MB. I also used lots of research on frequency.

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My system is based on rules that I developed by observing the behavior of numbers in general for a particular lottery.  I pick my combinations using the most frequent behaviors that I have observed.  For example I thought that combinations of threes seldom repeated within 25 drawings and I used that as a rule to pick combinations but after missing a few match3's in the Ohio649 game using that rule, I rechecked the data and decided it happened enough to discard it for that game.  In a random environment anything can happen and do at anytime so I don't eliminate or change any thing until it worked against me several times.  I haven't won a jackpot yet with my system so I'm hoping it's the rules and not the system that working against me because I would hate to eliminate a system that I've spent years developing.


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I for the most part don't change or modify my system(s) until it shows poor performance. I don't scrap any system, I just change different perimeters and deltas to one that works within the system...!

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Like maddog's system, my system can be modified by changing some of the default parameters.  This has the same effect as adding or removing filters in other systems to change the number of out comes. These parameter can include gaps, sums, ranges, number of previous matches and etc.  Since I usually only play the first 20 outcomes or less, I can change these parameters quite a bit and still get more results than I need.

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After looking at and tracking numerous pick3 and 4 sytems over the last 4 years there are two original sytems I started with that work for me. My e-z pick system and wheels.

Just started looking at jackpot game systems and I will stick with my original system of tracking by position and using filters on the wheels by position. No need for me to look any further on that. If I choose correctly I win otherwise I loose.

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I used the same system each time but I do check other systems against the system I use.  The numbers are always there but my selection of the right one to pick is sometimes off. 


I only use number selection and lottery software so I change my number selection method when it doesn't work,I get a new idea or I'm 1-2 numbers off.Last night in FL Cash 3 I played ( 252 ) and ( 242 ) was drawn so I immediately saw where my system could be improved upon and I'm in the middle of making changes now.

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psykomo my vote for now....... the next...........6 months anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!

After, using software, number selection,,,,,,,,,,believe cost a lot of...

my time....... and it was fun for a while. Then, got an idea, why not play QP's

(but) try to trick the quick pick selections. Well, that has not worked and has

only cost me moe money and moe money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

"Never give-UP............Never give-UP" now I will wait for the big

JACKPOTs to come along and FOLLOW the heard down to the local lottery...

"buying hole"...............then buy $50 to $100 in QUICK PICK$$$$$$$$$$$$$

hoping MADDOG10 is correct.......$trengh comes in number$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




i stay with a system until it proves out or i go broke, then look for new ideas

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I am always modifying my system. 



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I am always modifying my system. 



Same here !

The way that the numbers come out changes, so the systems must also be changed to some degree.

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never,my softwares i use are accurate and effective,they get better as the history improves..GuitarDrum


Could someone point me to direction for lottery wheels.  I need a lottery wheel program urgently


i change my system when it starts performing badly, most of my systems seem to work well for a while, and then the number patterns change and it has to been amended.

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