Texas Mid and Eve 7/22

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good luck!

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Thank you Lottomike, I need it.

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Also an idea that I have had for a long time is that when looking at past draws, to look not for the patterns that are there, but also to notice the patterns that are not there, this might be more important when looking for patterns that repeat in cycles, there are cycles of course of what is there and also cycles of what is not there, this is important for the few people who filter out combos, you are looking out for patterns to filter out from the source of combos, on Texas often the patterns of winning numbers of a given number of past draws will not repeat on the very next draw and this is a cycle that repeats, look for several of them past draws like that and for particular filter patterns, because some or most are good only for one particular filter pattern.

This is particular patterns (just one particular one) from a given "exact" number of past draws that won't repeat on the next draw. That is how I chose or pick filter patterns for Texas most of the time whenever using regular filters and making predictions, I use random (not so random) cyles of patterns (missing patterns) to give me filter patterns that won't come out on the very next draw.

This idea might be hard to understand.

Good luck.

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Nice numbers Fairy...I have a few on my list for today, Good Luck to you, all predictors and me too$$$$

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Yea I love the 36 pair for today....Good numbers....Fairy.....

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I'm going with the 693.......

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Good No. Fairy 366,369.,333,699,339 added couple.


Use 49 for the pair tonight.

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