Tx. Pretest 7/21 Mday

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Mday 7/21 Pretest:





See and compare!

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They show chance of maybe a 4 and or 3, but chance is not a fact.

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Midday results: 541

Wtg Lantern on the key number 4!

Casper Wtg on the box call!

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Thank you, just a half-lucky guess.

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I quit predicting the pairs, but it looks like my last predicted pairs are still hitting, the pair prediction method might be better than I gave it credit for ?

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Quote LANTERNReport Inappropriate ContentTop of pagePosted: July 19, 2005, 3:30 pm - IP Logged

My pairs were not for Midday, but i did get the midday pair (one of them)

Best:  51+ 14 =541 boxed.

51 and 58

Next best:

35 39 52 24 81 

And last:

14 45 47 04 17 12 96 72 34

Is very hard for me to believe, but it is there. The 51 was stronger than I thought.

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Pound for Pound your one of the best around Lantern...Im still posting but not until i get a hit that saying you said in my post...Changed the way i looked at things a lil bit...But great call today...

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These 3 have hit so far I think:

51 - 2 times

24 - 1 times

14 - 1 times

The prediction was made for only 1 draw.

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Pair King

Thank you very much, I don't deserve any credit for this, is just a simple trick that I used with an almost completely useless program that is not worth a damn, if it wasn't because I am able to extract the pairs out of it by a simple trick, because the program does not give you the winning number and it does not also give you the pairs by themselves, I have to extract them out of it by force so to speak, even some useless computer programs have their uses I guess.

But thanks a lot to you very much.

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