Another high second prize payout for PB!!

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There were 86 second prize winners in PB on 6/18/05 (14 of them had powerplay).  Still now winners!!!!  Amazing.  Thats the second time this year the payout has been so high at low a low sales level.

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yea these people were one number away from a big disappointment imagine if they had the power ball. And then imagine a few tickets were in a pool. What a let down that would be.
Well i'm glad for these folks that won there gonna be some happy campers this summer.
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I'm surprised the jackpot did not go with all those low numbers.

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Looks like birthdays or ages for those winning numbers.  Congrats to the winners to bad I was not one.


I'm surprised the jackpot did not go with all those low numbers.

  I'll bet the reason there was no jackpot winner is because the Powerball was the same number as one of the first five.  Note that all six numbers were birthdates.

  Just my luck though.  Five out of the six numbers on my quick pick were NOT birth dates, and even the one that was did not turn up.

  I can't believe that with so many second place winners, my state (Iowa) did not have one - Iowa didn't even have any third place winners!

  Hopefully, this does not happen again this year, otherwise the MUSL may switch Powerball to computerized drawings to avoid going bankrupt from paying so many unexpected wins.

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It's not balls that are the problem, its a poor matrix design. They should have altered the game a long time ago. Instead they chose to ignore the problem and had a long string of low jackpots. You can't have a game with close to 200 million potential players and have such low odds without expecting to have low jackpots and low sales. Computer chosen numbers just add a justified sense of mistrust and misses the potential marketing advantages that balls have. If Mega gets a large pot you can bet that they will alternate the drawings between Hollywood or Times Square with some ditz de jour like Paris Hilton choosing the balls.


Mega Millions could have had a string of low jackpot winners too.  It's all luck.

Even after Powerball changes their matrix, they still could have a string of low jackpot winners.

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Maybe another fortune cookie?


  Yeah, a fortune cookie would be an explanation for the high number of second place winners but no jackpot winner, especially since most fortune cookies do not put the same number twice in a list of six numbers. 

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Maybe another fortune cookie?

I think it's because of birthday numbers being drawn.  If it were another fortune cookie, I would be amazed.  How unbelievable is it that eighty-six people hit 5 numbers, and not one had the Powerball?!


I agree with Ryanm...and Todd has pointed this out before...most people are just clueless when it comes to picking a Powerball that's the same as one of their white ball numbers.


  The powerball was the same number as one of the first five balls in four out of the last ten drawings.

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That is crazy that they had a huge payout again.  Powerball is changing in a couple weeks too aren't they?  86 winners again.  That is just uncanny.



Haha, and the PowerPlay has been 5 both times....MUSL officials must be sick.  Punched in the gut again.

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Atleast no one won it this time. 

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