Michigan Weekly Pairs-2/26 thru 3/4

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Weekly Pairs for 2/26-3/4




Good luck!


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Well this is all I have for tomorrow......................I will back online Monday morning:

Here is my matrix for Saturday:


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I also want to add that the "1" hit today as predicted by the key number list.............

Saturday the key number is 2

Sunday the key number is3

Pairfinder #1 for tomorrow is:

26  84
87  45
98  56



Good luck.......see you all on Monday.............Tony's in Birch Run here I come.....the best steak sandwich and malt anywhere in the United States....

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You were right Sandy thank you for all your help.

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Ok gang here's my Sandys combo & Pair finder. Sandy Iam going out of town on tuesday for work back on wed.




543 543 954 164
558 567 265 560
164 845 530 521
619 345 934 061
665 643 619    
512 658 583    
618 755 327    
946 609 279    
945 594 668    
644 199 144    
985 984 275    


The 65 look hot for tomorrow.

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Mystic's 2DTTT




I like the 609 560 tomorrow

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I would look at the 275 real close tomorrow...........

remember the 15-89 are still the longest out pairs for the combined draw...and 1 is still out a long time for the midday draw.............maybe 892-894?

the 512-521 might be also.......but I really haven't run any workouts.

Well, I got the dishwasher unloaded, the ironing put away, now I am having a glass of cream sherry and going to bed...........goodnight everyone.

Sleep well........

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mid weekly:


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eve weekly:



Unbiased Matrix

0 0 0

1 2 1

2 3 2

3 4 3

4 6 5

5 7 6

7 8 8

8 9 9


Total Filtered Permutations = 6







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Hi all, thanks Sandy, Jorli, EP, Undress, Mike, George, you guys are great.

Three numbers have fell from a certain spot since Tuesday. Prayerfully, another will fall, they fall within 2-3 days. See if any of these are in your workouts. Numbers that have not fell:

012, 114, 144, 123, 204, 222, 312, 303, 300, 000, 118, and 188.

The special 2-digit return number is 147.

I really like the 000, if not the 3-digit, then the 4-digit.

I don't know if I can post again today, so I hope everyone is a winner.


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Thanks Everyone for posting I like the 76 and the 60

maybe 763 or 560

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Ok here Desnity Workout for midday












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Thank you Sedertree, Undress, Mybolade, MGLSR, and of course Sandy.  I'm not predicting today, not feeling well enough to think that hard.  Good Luck to everyone and Thank you to EP.  I know you'll be on soon with your choices.

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Thanks to everyone for posting today.  Serial number either mid-day or evening.  243, 354*, 213, 786, 654, 105, 106, 107, 108, 962, 963, 782, 904, 789, 001, 001, 112, 122, 117, 177, 118, 881, 002, 003, 889, 887. 000, 111, 222, 666, 999.  Good luck to everyone.

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And the 538 I am not betting midday either doing some testing. Sandy do you still watch Lucky Chick System. It's been hitting trying to find a pattern.

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Thanks everyone.  I'm going with triples again, especially the 333 and 666.  323 118 700 058   616  415. 

Lee what a beautiful little girl!

Good Luck All

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Jorli, how ya doing with those babies?  Was thinking about you this morning.....hope all is well.

mglsr, Michael thank you for stopping by my home page and leaving a message.  I do appreciate it.  By the way, you couldn't have pictured am not a normal woman..........I wear sneakers and jeans or sweats and flannel shirts....last time I wore heels was like 15 years ago.....I didn't even wear them for my daughter's sneakers, but favorite thing to do is riding my John Deere..........playing catch with a softball and swinging my golf club in the backyard.........I played softball in A ball (semi-professional) till I was 40 (third base) husband would lug the kids when they were young to the ball field...4-5 times a son thought for many years that the ball glove was the magic, not me..........when he played high school baseball he asked for the "magic glove."  I never did get it back.....he used it all thru West Point also...he finally figured out it wasn't the glove.......  So you couldn't have had me pegged......maybe by face but not by only time I put on my khaki's is at our work dinner parties at home or at my husband's functions and church........I usually have my hands spotted with paint.....I smell like turpentine is why I am trying to change over to acrylics.

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Thanks Jorli, I've got some more cute one maybe i'll have Sandy host for me.

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It would be cool if everyone could send Sandy a picture. So everyone can see what we all look like.

What do you think?

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There is always problems with comcast.  I, am looking for doubles mid-day and evening.  My picks are- 345-243-213-567-768-801-802-804-805-904-001-011-112-122-133-227-277-808-909-009.  Good luck to everyone.

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Thank You Ep

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If I even get my lottery page done, I will put them all on there, Lee......that would be cool.............the Michigan people and others if they want........then I am for sure gonna have to keep my Platinum membership...

My signature at the bottom is true...........I am clutsy..ditsy.....unorganized but I dventually figure it out..........I press photos to upload and they won't upload here on lottery post.....sometime when I got some free time, I need to talk to Todd about it.........

Jorli....I really like your 323-333 today........I just might play that 333.

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Just testing



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Undress love your pictures.  Sandy, love your home page.  Zach is a handsome young man.

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Thank You Ep

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lol......EP.....yes, he is georgeous.......he and lance are the loves of my life....I like that commercial where it shows the grandma getting all dolled up to meet the love of her life and when she opens the door, it's her grandson.....I don't get dolled up, but I just take them and hug them and kiss them...........Lance is getting his first tooth so everyone is excited about that........Zach is older but no teeth yet......but he rolls over both ways and is very near crawling.........they are so different and they are only a month apart....I have been truly blessed by the Lord to even be able to see them let alone watch them you know, I should have been dead.......

Ep, thanks for the numbers today............hopefully, we can all start winning again. 


Not enough time to really analyze this midday matrix before the draw.

Specially since the cut-off is going down right about now. Anyhoo;

1 0 1

2 2 2

3 5 3

4 7 5

5 8 7

7 9 9


0 1 0

6 3 4

8 4 6

9 6 8

It is impossible for all winning permutations to appear in the first matrix (if assorted). Therefore there

should be at least one winner in the last matrix. I'm guessing the winner should be 627 or

some permutation. Unless a double falls; then it's anyones guess.

P.S. Sorry, just saw the possibility of 257 in the first matrix.

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Thank You Sedertree

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Thank you, George................

784 midday............

Had it on the very top Pairfinder #3

Pairfinder #3:

89  47
73  31
34  92
45  03

The 15-78 were the longest out pairs combined draw..........look for the 15 next although it doesn't seem to be hitting.......been on list now for 2 weeks.

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