throwing in the towel bye bye.

chevelle's avatar - Lottery-005.jpg

  i cant win only wasting money.

Todd's avatar - Cylon 200.jpg

I think sometimes players take a break, but no player like yourself ever quits for good!

joyjoy8's avatar - friends

Sooooooooooooo true , so true Todd! I quit playing the pick 3 (I was addicted ) in October. I really had withdrawals lol. I had to prove to myself I could stop and I did not play all of November. I have played $5.00 worth this month. I now know that I don't HAVE to play every day and Every draw. I will play if I "see"something that might come. But I don't have to play. No one can win all the time and pick 3 can become a bad habit. Don't give up take a break !!!!!!!......................Joy

Pick 3 Fairy's avatar - faery

chevelle, I know how you feel.  Maybe just take a break or just do a couple of quickpicks every now and then and then look at your numbers again, you might see the patterns more clearly.  Best of luck to you in what ever you decide. 

Blackapple's avatar - nw rogue2.jpg

It's time to learn to trap your picks

  Learn tricks from the MasterTrapper

              WIN D$$$$$$$$$

    And  Crossbow Expert



nothing to do after a certain age except lottery and casinos,i love both!

percygrinder's avatar - bob

Where are you going my chucky thought we were suppose to be friends to the end. Cheer up thing's will work out like I said just take a lil break.

MADDOG10's avatar - smoke

chevelle, failure is not an option, nor is it a solution.

take some time off from the numbers, and come back strong.

good luck.!

Rick G's avatar - avatar 1766.jpg

We all go through slumps Chevelle...Give it a rest, check your stuff on paper and then come back refreshed.  But don't give up. 

rabbitfoot's avatar - 8ball

Keep in mind that you only need to win a major jackpot once! I don't play the Pick 3 or 4 games, little lotto, or even buy scratch cards. Yes, like you I consider those a waste of money.  But, to win a major jackpot in the IL Pick 6 or the MegaMillion game I do have to buy a ticket to have that chance of winning.  Currently, I throwing off $10 per week on those two games of which i can easily afford. I play to win the big prizes or even 2nd place in the MegaMillion game.  When it comes to playing or not playing, my advice is never spend money you can't afford to lose no matter how small that amount may be.


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Quote:Originally posted by Rick G on December 15, 2004

We all go through slumps Chevelle...Give it a rest, check your stuff on paper and then come back refreshed.  But don't give up. 

  Thats coming from Big Daddy Cool

  He put the cool in " Cool running"

    Your candidness brought life

      to this game Rick G.

supermario's avatar - stern

              winners never quit ,quitters never win.i know you are not a quitter

chevelle's avatar - Lottery-005.jpg

Thanks everyone  for the advise i will rest for a while and hope for the best in my return.See you all when i start posting again if life spear, use my current list ok.

                Bye Chevelle.

mswiz777's avatar - Lottery-031.jpg

Put your money in a jar each day, and see if by the end of the week see how much you have.  I have been doing this I have more in the jar.  I play my cash-5  mega million lotto south for the hole week and my one pick 3 this will keep you out of the store. Give it a try just post the number's and see how they fall but don't leave us good luck. 

chevelle's avatar - Lottery-005.jpg

  sorry.i will return i will always be your friend to the end.

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