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i had a dream last night that i saw a man by the name of peter(64) he came in my yard at the back and there was this mango tree in the yard i saw two ripe mango on the ground i pick up one and started to peel it to eat i told him thats the first mango that the tree bear then he was leaving the yard but when he reached the unfinish house he started to call someone but i told him no one lives there.any number please.


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Tree  144 643

man  625  580 I believe we will see this number..... this week

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thanks alot Tntea

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Peter 718

 Tree 568

ripe mangoes in  your sleep signifies a abundance of wealth  165

dreaming of your yard denotes much wealth and happiness  366

good luck

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 Thanks Topcop38


 My friend mother B-day is today,she is 64. Try these 464 664 364, good luck . Don't forget your age.


         Try 247

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Thanks Lepri & Catspick.

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