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Woman To Use Lottery Winnings For Sister's Transplant

Oct 19, 2004, 11:06 am

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Indiana Lottery

Woman Wins $10,000 On 'Hoosier Millionaire Show'

A Martinsville, Indiana woman plans to use money she won on the "Hoosier Millionaire Show" to buy her sister a chance at life.

Cindy Hoskins was diagnosed with nephritic syndrome 10 years ago, a disease that swells and damages the kidneys, RTV6's Jennifer Carmack reported. 

The damage has become so severe that doctors say she needs a kidney transplant in order to survive.

"I didn't have to ask ... my son, my daughter, my sister, all three were matches," Hoskins said.

During presurgery tests, Hoskins was dealt another devastating blow. A cancerous polyp was discovered in her colon and she underwent surgery to have it removed, Carmack reported.

After the surgery, she was cleared for the transplant, but her insurance company wouldn't cover all the costs. Hoskins' sister organized several fund-raisers, but it still wasn't enough.

"I'm gonna be on lots of medicines. The meds are going to be $20,000 a year," Hoskins said.

A few weeks ago, an extraordinary and timely brush of luck entered into the picture, thanks to a scratch-off lottery ticket. Hoskins' sister, Pam Davis, was given the opportunity to appear on the "Hoosier Millionaire Show."

"I had that ticket in my purse for about a year, and I thought, 'I'll just mail it in,'" Davis said.

Two weeks later Davis appeared on the show and won $10,000.

"I knew right then it was meant to be; I was gonna be the donor," Davis said.

The money will go toward Hoskins' medical expenses, Carmack reported. If all goes as planned, Hoskins will undergo the transplant surgery in December.

"I didn't think I could take any more, and if wasn't for my family and God, I couldn't have," Davis said. "I wanna be here for a long time. I wanna see my grandkids grow up. I wanna see them get married. I wanna be here for my family."

The family is still accepting donations for Hoskins' medical expenses. Donations can be made to the "Cindy Hoskins Kidney Transplant Fund" at any Citizens Bank location.

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