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Toronto couple claims $26.8 million lottery win

Aug 31, 2004, 9:08 am

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Canada Super 7

A Toronto couple has claimed the third-largest jackpot in Canadian lottery history -- almost $27 million.

Tze-Lam and Mei-Ling Chan say they'll use their $26.8 million Super 7 winnings to buy a house that's "not too big" by the city's lakeshore. And they might get a boat to go along with it.

"Like 40 feet or something like that," Tze-Lam Chan told reporters. He doesn't yet know how to sail.

Both originally from Hong Kong, the couple met at a party in Toronto 17 years ago. They married and had a son, now 16. Tze-Lam says he dreamed of a better life back then and already had the things he always wished for: A house and a nice wife.

But that didn't keep the 51-year-old jeweller from saying he'll call his boss on Tuesday to quit his job. He joked that the lottery win bought his wife a diamond.

Mei-Ling, a homemaker, said she'd like that, as long as the stones are clear, with "good colour."

Tze-Lam says he needs "a nice sleep," because he's spent the past two nights awake, "excited" and "so happy" about his lottery win.

"I hope I don't change too much," he said. The couple spent $144 on Friday's lottery. They say they buy tickets all the time, but never won more than $2,500 in the past.

When Tze-Lam first told his wife they had won the lottery, she didn't believe him. "I said, 'Crazy man!'" 49-year old Mei-Ling explained. But she dventually came around and the couple danced around their house.

The couple say they're going to take a cruise vacation to celebrate their win. Still, they say they'll be careful with how the money is spent because they don't want the win to go to their heads.

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