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now which cookie to use f


Im pissed!  A few months ago, i actually bought a BOX of fortune cookies, and im not talking  bout the kind you buy at any store.  This was the kind that was sold to chinese restaurnats.  Cost: about $15.OO for about 375? cookies. You'd think that i would of at least had some luck.  WRONG!  After opening (and eating) most of 'em, and catorgorizing them (some were repeats) i played 80 of them.  Only got $4.00 BACK!  After that, i was disgusted them 'em. 

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*pat* there there...

though you know, I tend to eat fortune cookies for the hell of eating them. They taste good ^_^

... I do play fortune cookie numbers, though randomizers for fortune cookies ... well they're quite not so random.


Were the same numbers in cookies statewide?

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I usu

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