Man wins lottery two days after divorce from cheating wife finalized

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Good for him - His ex didn't deserve a dime of it!

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I think this guy needs a better divorce lawyer. His wife at the time was bopping around on him and she gets to keep the house. That is just wrong. But in the end she did get hers by losing out on a large sum of cash just after the divorce finalized.

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Lol Lol LOL, I kn

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Revenge is a dish best served cold. In some countries he could have set her on fire. What a life. Screw around and win a house. Sounds like she is a prostitute. Hope she gets what she deserves in the end.

Hope his next wife is nicer. Good for him.

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Mmm.. well though $289k ain't much for a lottery win, that's still plenty enough to get back on one's feet that one really needs.

It's stories like this, despite lil jackpots, but the need that's backed to it... that I like.


Yes, she missed out on CASH.

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