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Google Ranks Lottery Post #29 of All Lottery Sites

Jun 23, 2004, 8:25 am

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Lottery Post Site News

Lottery Post, the Internet's most active participatory lottery forum, is ranked 29th among all active lottery Web sites.

The high ranking places Lottery Post ahead of many official state and multi-state Web sites, as well as almost every independent lottery Web site.

Lottery Post has been providing an online forum for lottery players to discuss games of chance for over four years.  Over those four years, the Web site has been expanded with new features on a regular basis.

In addition to Web popularity, Lottery Post has also been chosen as a definitive news source for most of the Internet's premier news feeds, including Alta Vista News, Google News, Yahoo News, and the Moreover News Service.

Among the combination of unique features that attracts players to Lottery Post:

  • Predictions board, providing members a place to post their predicted lottery picks before the drawings take place.
  • All predictions compared to the actual drawing results after each lottery drawing.
  • Near-live lottery drawing results for all USA states, plus Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • Multiple discussion forums dedicated to various lottery topics and games.  All forums are moderated to minimize potential spamming and other forms of advertisements.
  • Blog pages, allowing each Lottery Post member to keep a publicly-accessible personal journal.
  • Comprehensive sortable Jackpot page, showing all current lottery jackpots.
  • Daily lottery news, providing a mix between industry news, dvents, press releases, and lottery winner news.
  • A Private Message system, allowing members to interact privately with each other.

Coming soon, Lottery Post will be introducing additional membership levels (Gold and Platinum memberships), offering further expanded features.

The top-30 Google lottery ranking can be found by clicking the following link:

Note: because Google's rankings are constantly re-evaluated, the exact ranking may fluctuate.

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