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Tennessee lottery sales slack off after fast start

Jun 1, 2004, 12:55 pm

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Tennessee Lottery

Tennessee Education Lottery ticket sales have fallen steadily since the state-sponsored games began in mid-January.

Tennessee Lottery President Rebecca Paul says declining ticket sales are a consistent pattern with all new lotteries. She says lottery ticket sales typically decline in the summer months, starting in May.

Lottery officials predict the games still will make at least $17 million more than their targeted revenues.

In the 18 weeks since the lottery began in January, instant ticket sales have fallen from $34.6 million in the first week to $9.5 million for the week of May 22.

With the addition in the last two months of the Cash 3 and multistate Powerball games, total lottery sales for the week of May 22 were $14.2 million.

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