Four of 16 Lottery-Winning Lunch Ladies Have Left Kitchen


Poor Ladies they have no idea about how live is beautiful, cannot be possible that they like more there job that theire LIVE, I am sure they work all there LIVE, have never but never enjoy any great time, they must be very very very boren people, it is a petty, my God, my God having 5 million and dont appreciate it.

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I agree -- Talk about stupid!


I once remember a news story of a secretary who won millions. When asked why she was'nt quitting her low paying job. Her reply: "I can't quit, the company needs me"!!


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 guys and gals,

i am not so sure they won so much money to quit their jobs.

the pot was only half of the jackpot of 190, which was 95, and after they

took the cash option and paid the taxman, they were left with 50 million that

was shared by 16 people, which works out to be around 3 million each.

now that might look like a lot of money, but once you buy a nice house, couple

of nice cars, health insurance, save some for old age, share little with the loved

ones, and enjoy life a little, there might not be enough left...


cheers, hitchaser


Several years ago (maybe 10


i could retire on $3 Million quite easily, my wants are few and my needs are simple. give me a good old 60's bond film and a cold soda and i'm happy. have mt bike will travel. some basic reliable transportation and a little pocket money to celebrate new year's and the 4th (fireworks) ...what more could i need ...what more could i want? yes, $3M would be sufficient. although i must admit, to exceed "jw" $314.9M +1 cent is what i'm truly aiming for ;-)

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