Powerball $170 Million Drawing Tonight

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Looks like a rollover will occur with a 70.9 % chance of a winning combination not being selected based on sales.


Love all the statistics. It makes it much more interesting, then the usual boring press release, that the jackpot is 170 million and thats it.

Good luck everyone, I would love to see someone from the LP hit this thing.

Play responsibly and have fun,  Chas 

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I am the Choosen One......


good luck everyone.

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If there is no winner tonight, the tickets sales rate will increase to well over 20,000 per minutes and terminals at businesses on the borders of the PowerBall states will have lines of outerstaters waiting to buy tickets.  When I head over to Indiana to buy my tickets,I prefer to drive an extra mile or two pass the first point of sales, it takes an extra five minutes but it saves about thirty minutes of waiting in line.  Some places will print QP's in advance for those players in a hurry with cash in hand but I prefer to make out cards since I pick my own numbers. A few years back, these lines would start forming at $100M but now days they starts at about $200M. I'm sure there are lot of other players like myself that will be watching tonight's results to see if it's time to start their engines and make a run for the boarder.


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i think it's going to be hit tonight, hopefully by one of us.  TN and ND have never seen this big a jackpot in their history, so their players would probably buy more.  I wouldn't be surprised if one winning ticket is sold in TN.  They have been showing strong sales so far.

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Players start your engines, the jackpot is $205M and  it's time to head for the boarder.



Boy I feel lucky. Six or seven lottery retailers within a ten minute drive and since its a small town away from the state line, no long lines.

Best of luck everyone. I'm going to bed and dream about money.


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