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Ohio Lottery Players Look for Luck

Jan 27, 2004, 6:14 am

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Lottery players are flocking to a little convenience store in the Cleveland suburb of South Euclid ever since it sold Ohio's first winning Mega Millions ticket last month. The Quick Shop Food Mart tripled its sales of Mega Millions lottery tickets this month and its Super Lotto sales have doubled.

Odds for tonight's Mega Millions drawing are about one in 135 million. Even if you place your wager at the store that sold a lottery ticket worth $165 million, the odds stay the same.

Paul Presson is a psychology professor at Westminster College in Salt Lake City who has studied how people view luck. He says bettors have the mistaken idea that they can control their luck by buying their tickets where someone else has won.

Presson also says the allure is fleeting and moves quickly to the store where the next big winner is sold.

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